Get ready for a dose of electrifying, hip-shakin’ rock’n’roll with Melbourne’s own high-soaring Riflebirds.

The five-piece band’s latest collection of lightning in a bottle has been released: Live At The Espy – a killer set of tracks recorded at the legendary Esplanade Hotel with enough foot-stompin’ goodness to get you up and moving.

The new live Riflebirds album follows three highly acclaimed studio releases: Ain’t Ever Going Home (2018), World Feels Wide (2016) and the debut record Detours & Collisions (2015).

Channeling the spirit of keyboard-guitar led bands such as The Faces, Radio Birdman and The Heartbreakers, the band’s high-energy sound is created by Rowan Roebig (vocals, guitar), John Kenyon (guitar), Rod Collins (vocals, bass), Damian Toussaint (keyboards) and John Jessen (drums).

From Brunswick to Ballarat to Byron Bay, the band have played at some of the best-known live music venues and festivals in Australia. Festival appearances include NightJar, Leaps & Bounds, Darebin Music Feast, Spring Fling and Ballarat Beer Festival – and you’ll often see them on the bill at Melbourne’s legendary live venues such as The Labour In Vain, The Retreat, The Rainbow or The Espy.

They’ve toured up and down the east coast and beyond, sharing stages with the likes of Ron Peno (Died Pretty), Dallas Crane, Dan Brodie, Ben Salter and Freya Josephine Hollick.

Search on Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music or Bandcamp to hear the tunes.

Check out the video for the single ‘Worlds Feels Wide’, with its brilliant animation by Kiszkiloszki: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V0ZQfpqZrFY

“This album is a cracker from start to finish. A magnificent record.” Neil Rogers, Triple R.

“Cracks the whip from the get-go” Bel Ryan, Beat Magazine.

“Melbourne five-piece indie-rock band Riflebirds have broken from the cage of the pub scene and taken flight across the festival circuit. They’re on the up and up.” Ballarat Beer Festival.

“Riflebirds have made a name for themselves at some of Melbourne’s most popular venues. Be sure to check it out.” Chris Bright, Beat Magazine