Eclectic, electrifying Melbourne rockers Riflebirds have hit new heights with their 5th LP ‘Modern Complications’, showcasing the band’s maelstrom of guitars and keys, thumping rhythms and stunning songwriting.

Finding fresh sonic territory on ‘Modern Complications’, the band have captured spirited performances of stomping new tracks such as ‘Overflow’,’Looking For A Light Pt.2’ and ‘Don’t Overcomplicate It’.

The new album arrives as the band hits 10 years since their first show at The Edinburgh Castle in Brunswick, Melbourne back in 2014. The band have now released 5 studio albums, a live album, and played a long list of pub gigs and festivals across Australia.

Riflebird’s unique upbeat guitar and keyboard driven sound – performed with passion and energy – has earned them a reputation as one of the finest acts around. Featured on Double J, RRR and PBS, Riflebirds continue to attract high praise:

“The band have broken open this new chapter with confidence and catapulted right back into our music-loving hearts… it would evoke a sway out of even the least rhythmically inclined… Riflebirds are a band at the peak of their creative and musical prowess…” Beat.

From Brunswick to Ballarat to Byron Bay, Riflebirds have played at some of the best-known live music venues and festivals in Australia. Festival appearances include Yackandandah Folk Festival, NightJar, Leaps & Bounds, Darebin Music Feast, Spring Fling and Ballarat Beer Festival – and you’ll often see Riflebirds on the bill at Melbourne’s legendary live venues such as The Labour In Vain, The Tote, The Union Hotel Brunswick and Bergy Bandroom.

More praise for Riflebirds:

“If their new singles are anything to go by, it’s set to be another ripper… that’ll instantly burrow its way into your brain.” Beat.

“This album is a cracker from start to finish. A magnificent record.” Neil Rogers, Triple R.

“Cracks the whip from the get-go” Bel Ryan, Beat Magazine.

“Riflebirds bring a freshness I haven’t heard in a long time.” Sinusoidal Music.

“Melbourne five-piece indie-rock band Riflebirds have broken from the cage of the pub scene and taken flight across the festival circuit. They’re on the up and up.” Ballarat Beer Festival.

“It almost seems as if we are playing a classic 70 / 80s indie rock record and getting to feel the pure magic of the music scene of that time.” Berlin On Air

“Riflebirds have made a name for themselves at some of Melbourne’s most popular venues. Be sure to check them out.” Chris Bright, Beat Magazine

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